3 thoughts on “US Election 2008 (VCCzar version)”

  1. Just played a game as Gravel few things I’d like to mention
    -Gravel should start as on as he contiued to run,and he should be left on foreign affairs and LGBT stuff.
    – GOP are bit too strong considering they’ve been in office for 8 years with Iraq and of course the bank collapse should hurt them
    – Dem’s also get a special boost in Florida as no Dem’s will campaign there due to no delegates meaning that GOP candidates spend much time there and get extra boast you can’t overcome during the late game.
    Can’t think of anything else just think that in an election where the Dems win Indiana they need weakening

  2. @Milo
    Thanks for the feedback! I’ll implement some changes when I get back to this election. I’m updating a final round of updates chronologically, but I’m on 1788, 1792, and 1796 right now.

  3. In the past three or so games I’ve played Fred Thompson comes out of no where and clenches up to 70% of the states in the primaries. He goes from polling 4th to jumping 20 points the week of the election. I don’t know if this is a big but considering his irl polling it seems broken.

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