7 thoughts on “US 2004 Election (VCCzar version)”

  1. Give Chafee a bit of boast and if possible can you set an earlier time so its Iowa in less than month so we can prepare and build up

  2. I can set the election back a month, so there’s more time. Good idea. Why should Chafee get a boost?

    Note: I won’t update this scenario for a few months. I have other ones to do first.

  3. So I played and noticed that Ohio was a bit screwy with Trump in the General.

    I went into the campaign editor and noticed he had a -100 percentage bonus there. Was this an accident or?

  4. @doomseas

    That’s an accident. Whenever there’s a typo in the % it seems to automatically make it -100. I’ll fix this in the next update, but it might be a few months, since I am going in chronological order (I’m on 1812 and 1816 right now). Thanks for letting me know about this.

  5. The Reform Party nomination seemed to be a contest between Ralph Nader and Ted Weill. However, I’m not sure if they ran against each other, or if Weill was planning to run but dropped out and endorsed Nader when he announced he would run. I’d still put both under Reform though, in the interest of making their primaries competitive 🙂

  6. Ralph Nader, the Libertarian party and the Constitution party all got at least one percent in at least one state each.

    The Constitution party appears to have been between Chuck Baldwin and Alan Keyes.

    Libertarians with a serious chance for the nomination were Bob Barr, Mary Ruwart (who came VERY close to being nominated) and Wayne Allyn Root. Mike Gravel also ran for the nomination.

  7. While playing as Gore I can’t select a VP, I’ve tried selected John Edwards and Hillary Clinton but I get an error message.

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