UK- 1997

After seventeen years in power, the Tories finally appear to be on their way out of office. Having won an unexpected victory in the 1992 General Election, Prime Minister John Major has had a second term marked by economic difficulties and bitter party infighting. Meanwhile, Labour have recovered from their defeat five years ago, and the death of their leader, John Smith, in 1994, to establish a comfortable lead in the polls under the wildly popular Tony Blair, who has rebranded the party to the centre as ‘New Labour’. Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats, once more led by Paddy Ashdown, are hoping to benefit from the collapse of the Conservatives to win their best result in the post war era. Can the Tories prevent a historic Labour landslide, or will Blair deal them a defeat that will cripple their chances of winning power for a generation?

United Kingdom – 1997

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  1. Former Chancellor Dennis Healy has beaten out a strong challenge for leader from Michael Foot

  2. I’m taking a break from these scenarios for now, if I come back to it I’ll do 1950/51 next

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