1964 Presidential Election

1964 Election


*This scenario was greatly updated by the Historical Scenario Commission on October 14, 2017: United States – 1964 v.2.0

For the Democrats, LBJ is the clear frontrunner, but faces a challenge from George Wallace, a conservative Southern Democrat. Additionally, a few favorite son candidates hope to hold their state’s delegates. What-ifs include John F. Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and Eugene McCarthy. Robert F. Kennedy is a VP option.

For the Republicans, the party sees two stronger challengers for the office: Conservative Barry Goldwater and moderate Nelson Rockefeller. Several other Republicans have an outside chance at taking the nomination from these two. What-if candidates include Richard Nixon.

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3 thoughts on “1964 Presidential Election”

  1. I gotta adjust the popular vote numbers for this. Additionally, Goldwater was asked his opinion on Milton S. Eisenhower running, which he responded to with “One Eisenhower a generation is enough.” Not sure why the question was posed, since it doesn’t appear Milton was considering running. Still though, maybe he would make for an interesting what-if candidate, since apparently people considered it a possibility.

  2. In a Rockefeller vs wallace setup the scenario is the opposite of what I’d expect.

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