Labour Leadership Election 1976

Labour Leadership Election 1976

Prime Minister Harold Wilson has stepped down from his premiership in a surprise move, as he feels at the age of 60, he can no longer carry on in his role to the best of his ability. 6 Labour cabinet ministers have successfully been nominated in the race to become the next leader and PM. Although he is the oldest candidate, James Callaghan’s widespread appeal and experience has made him the favourite. Whomever wins, will have to deal with high inflation, the issue of devolution, and a wafer thin majority at the House of Commons.

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  1. Not a bad scenario and having played as each candidate it’s possible to do well. However, Labour leadership just isn’t picked this way and it threw me off quite a bit. Rather, instead of constituencies, the creator could’ve gone all the way and used Labour MPs. You would have fewer constituencies, in each section and it would be a bit easier actually.

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