Nyarai 2000

Nyarai – 2000

Nyarai is a landlocked Southern African country, that over the last 5 years, since their landslide victory in 1995, has seen it’s prosperity and regeneration wiped out by the ever-domineering ruling Nyarai African Militant – Patriotic Front party. Once they came into power 10 years ago, and have become evermore dictorial with it’s electorate, disallowing and torturing opposition politicans if they dare to speak out against the Government. Taxes have been raised as the country has been spiralling into debt. In 1997, as the weakened NPP were no longer representative of the ordinary, hardworking citizens of Nyarai, a new party was formed, the DCN – Democratic Congress Now! – have tried hard to defy NAM-PF censorship, however it seems nothing will change, as the NAM-PF will bully at the ballot box…

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