4 thoughts on “UK Parliament 1992-1997”

  1. This is a fantastic idea. One thing though, the leader who succeeded Kinnock was John Smith. Is there anyway possible to have it start as him and then over to Blair or Brown? Also, have you thought about doing leadership elections for Labour in either ’92 or ’94?

  2. There isn’t a way for the leader to change while the scenario has already started and since Blair was the leader for most of those years I left him as the leader. I haven’t thought about doing leadership elections for Labour because I’ve tried making scenarios in the past but they were agonising failures. With this scenario I basically took the 1997 scenario and spent a few hours in the constituency editor and candidate editor doing the changes as noted in the notes file I put in. As a result it unfortunately has the same bug.

  3. the game has a bug, because after just one year the whole game collapses and I can’t continue

  4. I’m not quite sure what the bug is but I do know that it came from the scenario I used as a template for this one. When the bug happens varies and it got so annoying that I don’t play either scenario any more.

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