Weimar Republic – 1933

Chancellor Forever 2005

Author: RI Democrat


The Weimar Republic’s troubles continue as recently appointed Chancellor Adolf Hitler has dissolved the Reichstag to call for new elections, in the hopes that the Nazis and their nationalist allies can win a large enough majority to build a more authoritarian state. But the Nazis’ popularity may be waning, and meanwhile the opposition is divided between the hard-line Communist Party, the comparatively “soft” left-wing Social Democratic Party, and the Catholic voting bloc of the Centre Party and Bavarian People’s Party. With Nazi- and Communist-instigated street violence raging and the economy in dire straits, no one knows quite what to expect — but supporters of the Weimar Republic fear that a Nazi victory could be democracy’s death knell.  Will this election be the end of democracy in Germany, and the first stop on the road to World War II?

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