Glasgow Westminster Election – United Kingdom – 1951

Prime Minister Forever – British Version

Author: Treasurer of the PC


“Only over a year since the last election, Labour Party leader and Prime Minister, Clement Attlee has called for another, confident of increasing his majority. Or could it be third time lucky for Winston Churchill’s Conservatives? In the six years that have passed since the end of the Second World War, Labour has brought massive and popular changes. Such as the publicly-funded National Health Service, and a welfare state that guarantees care for all ages. However for Glasgow, homelessness is still rife and the famous shipbuilding industry on the river Clyde, a vital part of the war effort, have gone into decline. Glasgow is almost a tale of two cities, reflecting the closeness of the UK-wide election, with the Conservatives leading in the Protestant west of Glasgow, while Labour lead in the Catholic East of Glasgow.”

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