US Election 2004: Gore Referendum (A.H, Gore Wins 2000)

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This is an alternate-history campaign.

then-Vice President Al Gore was narrowly elected in 2000, and since then has been a fairly stable, if boring, President, governing more-or-less as a third Clinton term. Can the Democrats do what the Republicans couldn’t in 1992, and have a fourth term in a row?

Democratic Candidates:

Al Gore

Republican Candidates:

John McCain

George W. Bush

Newt Gingrich

Steve Forbes

George Pataki

Alan Keyes

Bob Dornan

General Election Screenshot:

Republican Primary Screenshot:

2004 Scenario-Beta

election 2004

2004 U.S. Presidential Election Scenario

It is election season and America is at war. After 8 years of Democratic White House, George W. Bush narrowly won the Presidency. Since then, Bush’s plans have been derailed by terrorist attacks on 9/11. Bush responded by invading Aghanistan and Iraq. Now, as he faces re-election, Bush’s once towering approval ratings are declining. In face of two wars, a controversial election, and a sluggish economy, can Bush, like his father, end up as a one term President?

The populist Dean with his new internet fundraising. John Kerry and ‘flip-flopping’. The charismatic John Edwards. Joe Lieberman’s “Joementum.” Wesley’s Clark’s foray into politics. Karl Rove’s political machine and the Swift boat Veterans for Truth. Latinos cheering “Viva Bush.” Down to the wire vote getting in Ohio. The 2004 election is yours to write.

united states – 2004

There are numerous what if scenarios:

1. What if Al Gore listened to the chorus of Democrats who wanted him to challenge Bush for re-election? Past Democrat Presidents who won the popular vote but lost the electoral college-Andrew Jackson and Grover Cleveland-managed to make a comeback and win the White House. Can Gore be next?

2. What if other high profile Democrats entered the race? Hillary Clinton was on the verge of making her own bid for the Presidency. Could have she won? What about other experienced Senate Democrats like Daschle, Biden, Dodd, could have they used their gravitas to make Bush a one term president?

3. What if Gary Hart, the Democrat who nearly beat Mondale, and some would say, paved the way for Bill Clinton’s New Democrats, embarked on a long shot comeback? He reportedly was close to making the plunge. Could Hart rise from the political dead and win the White House?

4. What if Lincoln Chafee continued his bid in challenging Bush as an anti-war Republican? Or what if Bush faced other primary challenges, such as from Colin Powell, Ron Paul, or his one time rival, John McCain? And what if Bush dumped Cheney for a more charismatic VP?

Note: I haven’t been able to figure out when the various U.S. territory primaries occurred, so they’re currently just on the days they were in 2008 (which I know, of course, is incorrect). I also need to update the U.S. Territory endorsers.