Fallout New Vegas City Council 2282

After a victory for the Courier in the mayoral election, the other parties turn to controlling the City Council instead.


Independents running in all five districts

Casino Group running in four

Westside Organization running in four

Freeside League running in four.

This Congress Infinity mod accompanies the New Vegas Mayor 2282 mod for President Infinity.


Fallout: New Vegas Mayor 2282

After the battle of Hoover Dam, the City of New Vegas, made up of North Vegas, the Vegas Strip, Westside, Freeside, and Outer Vegas, declared itself free from NCR rule and decided to hold a mayoral election…

This is for all you Fallout fans who also like elections.



The Candidates…

Independent: The Mojave Courier

Casino Group: Swank, Marjorie, Cachino

Freeside League: James Garrett, The King, Gloria Van Graff

Westside Organization: Crandon, Tom Anderson, Clayton Ettienne

This mod is accompanied by the Congress Infinity mod called New Vegas City Council.

I will be posting sequels!

-General T Langill


Maine 2018 Gubernatorial Election

This is a scenario based on what might occur in the next election in Maine. The turnout numbers for each party are based on the voter count in the last election.

Republican Leaders:

Susan Collins: Senator from Maine

Michael Thibodeau: President of the Maine State Senate

Mary Mayhew: Commissioner of Maine Human and Health Services Department


Democratic Leaders:

Mark Eves: Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives

Janet Mills: Attorney General of Maine

Michael Michaud: Former U.S. Representative and 2014 Democratic Candidate


Libertarian Leaders:

Jim Bouchard: 2016 Libertarian Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives

Chris Lyons: Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Maine.


I might update this but we will see!

-General T. Langill