Canada – 1867 – CHC

The Dominion of Canada has been created. The Great Coalition of John A. Macdonald and George Brown linked the four British North American provinces. In 1867, the party truce was over, and the battle began again. Macdonald had patronage and a wave of patriotism in his favour. Brown resurrected the Reformers, raising the banner of responsible government. But not everyone accepts the Confederation. Various politicians in Quebec, New Brunswick and, most notably, Nova Scotia are questioning it. In any case, the results of this election will decide the fate of the new country, in its many tests and trials soon to come.

Original scenario made by Anthony (for PM4E 2006!), based on LukeTheDuke‘s campaign. For more information please contact the background folder.

Note: For true supporters of the Confederation, I created an alternative campaign with Newfoundland and PEI included!

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