2024 Battle Outside Raging 4.0 (Trump victory in 2020)

This is my fourth 2024 custom campaign, in this campaign, Trump won re-election in 2020, mainly because of not catching COVID and attending 2nd debate.

After nearly 4 years, the primary season has began and a handful of Democrats and Republican candidates line up to try to win their parties nomination. Who will win the Democratic nomination? Will it be a hardcore progressive like John Fetterman? A more ‘moderate’ Progressive such as Sherrod Brown, or maybe a moderate’s moderate, with Terry McAuliffe. Its up to you!

Have fun playing!

Leave in the comments if you have any suggestions, I will take them seriously and might add them to the reworked.

Democratic Nominees:

Pete Buttigieg

Kamala Harris

Sherrod Brown

Terry McAuliffe

Jeff Merkley

Beto O’Rourke

Gavin Newsom

Joe Kennedy

Cory Booker

Mike Bloomberg

Amy Klobuchar

John Fetterman

Joaquin Castro

Jon Tester

Laura Kelly

Republican Nominees:

Mike Pence

Ted Cruz

Ben Carson

Nikki Haley

Josh Hawley

Ron Desantis

Rand Paul

Larry Hogan

Tim Scott

Tucker Carlson

Don Trump Jr (alt, not on by default)

General Election Screenshot:

Democratic Primary Screenshot:

Republican Primary Screenshot:

10 thoughts on “2024 Battle Outside Raging 4.0 (Trump victory in 2020)”

  1. This is a 7z file but i have winrar, also it’s not compatible with the latest version which is 2021.10 for me. How can i fix this?

  2. Loved your other scenarios but this one can’t download for me since its 7z, can you make this a zip?

  3. Love it! I have noticed that there are some strange happenings with the endorsers – for instance, Sanders endorsed Bloomberg. Thought I would share.

  4. @Julian

    Hey, thanks for playing. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the notice, There’s always little oversights/mistakes in a project like this, especially with some many candidates.

    The “mod” will updated very soon, so make sure to download “5.0” !! The relations, and thus who the candidates endorse will be fleshed out for everyone!

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