5 thoughts on “WIP QFG”

  1. Any other names for the SuperPacs?
    Where are the rest of the Libertarians?
    How about other third party/independent candidates?
    Johnson is polling at 0~1% How can an incumbent poll so low?
    Gary Johnson is Far-Left?
    Some of these primaries (e.g. Young Ecosocialists) are exclusive to the Green Party – you could look at Democrats Abroad for how to make such a primary.
    (Are the third parties to-do later?)
    Otherwise, good scenario. (100 points for a surrogate is a good idea in my opinion). You really put a lot of work to this.

  2. Is there a never version available?
    Also in addiition to issues mentioned before why does no one has any money when they start? Is it intentional?

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