6 thoughts on “New Jersey Governor race 2021”

  1. This is cool and I was hoping someone would make one for this race. Haven’t played through but a few problems I noticed initially:
    1. Each party is tied in general election polling at the start of the primary, which is obviously not accurate, especially when going county by county.
    2. Phil Murphy should be given more advantages over his challengers (better fundraising, strategic, spin, etc.).

  2. Oh sorry about that Once the general election starts though the polls show republican and democrat county divides how can I fix this issue in the game?

  3. I will post the revised game soon I have now fixed the problems with the polling and have given Murphy advantages

  4. Hey Adam I just fixed the bugs you were referring to try the game out let me know how it is

  5. Wanted to let you guys know NJ senate race 2020 is in the works and will be released real soon

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