2015 – Alberta v.2

Alberta’s 2015 Provincial Election saw the defeat of the Provincial Conservatives by Rachel Notley’s New Democrat Party.

I’ve remade the Alberta – 2015 scenario created by RI Democrat from the PM4E 2011 engine.

Polling data is the 2015 election results as taken from https://www.elections.ab.ca/ but I’ve added a polling shift to reflect a Mainstreet poll on the 7th April start date which puts the PC, WRP and NDP at a roughly even split (small WRP lead).

Can you win as the NDP and end the political dominance of the PC’s in Alberta or will the PCs retain power? Maybe The Wildrose Party will take the Conservative baton forward?

v.2 – Very small update to this scenario to add some ministerial positions and bonuses to riding candidates.

2 thoughts on “2015 – Alberta v.2”

  1. Enjoyed playing it, very clean and realistic. Do you plan on doing another provincial election scenarios ?

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