8 thoughts on “Brazil 2018 – Presidential”

  1. If possible, can you put a second turn (“new election”) between the two best placed?, in the case of the first place does not have more than 50% of the votes.
    In Brazil to be elected for a position in the executive (President, Governor and Mayor) he (or she) have to receive most than 50% of the votes. (Like in Mississippi)

  2. This seems a little biased in favor of Bolsonaro and against Haddad, in both the descriptions and the attributes.

  3. hi if you like talk more about this election in forum http://270soft.ipbhost.com/topic/15477-latin-american-scenarios/,about descriptions i will see to change one things but haddad are negative because 32 process of corruption landslide loss reelection in mayoral go to jail discuss campaign etc , the attributes i think are realistic his are very similiar to some others candidates uncharismatic and bad in debates example alckmin,marina,dias etc

  4. Hey this campaign looks like a lot of fun. However, whenever I try and start it I a message saying it is missing a region image for maranhao. As far as I can tell I’ve installed everything properly. Anything I can do to make it work?

  5. try download again probable corrupt file or if not works add this image in campaign editor or manually (the pic are in region_images)

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