United States 1992 Election


For twelve long years, the Republican Party has held uninterrupted control of the White House. Despite a great US victory in the Gulf War, unemployment rises throughout the nation. And with opposition from factions of the right and left, as well as the strong third-party campaign of Ross Perot, incumbent President Bush’s reelection chances appear uncertain. Will the United States vote to change course, or will the Republicans continue holding the White House for four more years?

Play as any of several candidates from the ’92 campaign, with hypotheticals!


  • Mario Cuomo was widely assumed to be the Democratic frontrunner prior to announcing his intention not to run.  What if the liberal New York governor threw his hat into the ring?
  • Friction ensued when Bob Casey, the outspoken pro-life governor of Pennsylvania, hesitated to endorse the Clinton/Gore ticket and was not allowed to speak at the Democratic convention.  What if Casey himself entered the race?
  • Conservative politico Pat Buchanan challenged incumbent President George H.W. Bush and lost.  What if he had carried the torch for the GOP?

Features include additional candidates and real-life events, including Perot exiting and reentering the race, Clinton’s infamous “Sister Soulijah” comments, LA riots, and more.


United States – 1992

3 thoughts on “United States 1992 Election”

  1. The campaign has been through rigorous testing, but feel free to alert me of any bugs or errors. If you have any suggestions that would make the game better, let me know.

  2. Had a good game as Perot ,came 2nd in popular vote and EC. In terms of suggestions could you add Stassen to the GOP. Perot could use another VP candidate like John Silber. Another issue I noticed which seems to be a base game issue is losing candidates not withdrawing as all five democrats got to the convention and the 2nd least popular candidate Kerrey managed to get the nomination. But great campaign 🙂

  3. I enjoyed this Scenario very much! had a fun time playing as Bob Kerrey in the primaries and beating George Bush in the general.

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