Ontario 2018

Change is in the air. Ontarians have grown tired of the Liberals after 15 years in office. The Tories have just finished a tumultuous leadership race to replace the disgraced former leader, Patrick Brown. Can they maintain their 20 point lead or will Kathleen Wynne defy the odds and win re-election? It is Andrea Horwathís third election as NDP leader. Can the New Democrats capitalise on the unpopularity of the Liberals and chaos in the Conservative Party or will they remain the third party? It is far from certain who will lead the next government and if it will be a minority or majority government.

Ontario 2018


5 thoughts on “Ontario 2018”

  1. This looks good to me, although there is an official 2018 scenario coming out in a couple of weeks – are you planning on making any more Ontario scenarios such as 2014? Would be good to see

  2. @Will Opps did not see this. Guess I should have read the main forum first. I might do a 2014 scenario.

  3. Did not mean to steal the designer’s thunder. Should I take down the scenario?

  4. Hey hope a 2018 New Brunswick election will be out soon. I would even pay for that scenario.

  5. @Bluenoser15,

    Don’t need to take it down, but feedback welcome on the official campaign, which will probably be released today.

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