2008 – London Mayor – beta version

I have decided to make a port of the 2008 – London Mayoral Election from P4E into PI. The original issues and candidates from Zion’s original scenario have been kept while I made my own map and adjusted polling/turnout to reflect the official result.

Primaries work best when each party has a number of candidates active.

Please remove if this is a copyright strike against an old scenario.

2008 – London Mayor (old version)

17/04/18 – Update

2008 – London Mayor (17/04/18 update)

  • Campaign funding updated (General election candidates start with £420k, Primaries £0 – but there is enough time to fundraise)
  • Fundraising coefficient is set at 5 (less money raised but still a significant amount)
  • Newspaper endorsers open at the start of March (longer time to win the endorser)
  • Primaries – Party nominees are more like to win the primary and have more committed supporters.
  • Two round features/or workarounds haven’t been implemented yet. I am waiting for two-round to be officially added. At the moment for those wanting a Ken v. Boris only match up, I recommend starting in the general and disabling all other candidates bar Labour and Conservative.


10 thoughts on “2008 – London Mayor – beta version”

  1. Just played it, enjoyed it,though a few suggestions. You make too much money and you need more time to get the Newspaper endorsements as I played Labour and focused on left win ones. The Tories ignored them and on election day backed the Christian party as they were highest number and that needs to be prevented as they ended up with 5% of the vote. Also with the new engine is it able to do transferable vote?

  2. I’ll have a look at the endorsers/money issues. I don’t think the transferable vote is enabled but hopefully when two round elections are introduced it will be possible to set the second round date for the same /next day to get something close to reality.

  3. I got help from some heavily active beta testers and already released on blender market a yesterday, an updated version, but the beta still there and can be used! I also ended renaming this addon to Sculpt toolkit to not be confused with other fantastic addon haha. Maybe I update that repository with another version on the future.

  4. Maybe for now in place of 2nd round voting introduce primaries for left of centre and right of centre parties. Ultimately for Livingstone vs Johnson in the final result.

  5. @Astrok

    Sounds like a good idea, I may do a separate version with this left/right when I do an update

  6. I’ve been trying to create a London local election campaign. I’ve had to give up though, because of the game engine; each ward elects the three candidates with the most votes, but this can’t be simulated in PMI. Any suggestions?

  7. @Shane

    I am looking at London Council elections myself for a workaround,

    Maybe creating 3 wards per official ward and reflecting the combined party vote in each individual seat and turning candidates on or off in each ward depending on how many candidates they stand in total.

    It wont be ideal but might create something similar.

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