Italian General election 2018 scenario!

This is my first ever scenario! I have made a scenario for the Italian general election which occurred last week. Unfortunately there were a few glitches (E.g if you want to see an overall picture of the election in Italy you have to click on the black spaces between the electoral regions, otherwise for some reason it keeps showing the Piedmont result). Here are some screenshots and the download link. Enjoy!




Italy election 2018 download here

4 thoughts on “Italian General election 2018 scenario!”

  1. Looks like an interesting scenario, the issue with the map might be something to do with duplicated coordinates somewhere.

  2. Mar 5, 2018 | Category: Google Maps Votes in the Italian election have not all been counted but enough votes are in to indicate that there will be a lot of negotiations in the coming weeks in order to form a a working coalition for government. The centre-right coalition appears to be slightly ahead in the Italian election, although the country appears to be heading towards a hung parliament, with none of the current coalitions From: http://feedproxy.

  3. I have a problem: after playing a while an error pop-up come into view on my screen that says that “A component named ConstituencyForm already exist”.
    What can I do?

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