President Infinity 1820 Election


1820 US Election

*This scenario was greatly updated by the Historical Scenario Commission on July 20, 2017 and on February 21, 2018. Version 3.0 can be downloaded here: United States – 1820Final


Ready for a challenge? The 1820 election was virtually uncontested, as the nation’s relative harmony, and the decline of the Federalist Party, made us virtually a one-party state for a short period of time. As such, James Monroe’s near unanimity was all but guaranteed.

Despite the support for Monroe, voters were really diseffected with Monroe’s presidency and with politics in general. This springs primarily from a lack of competition in the last few election, and no competition in 1820. Although, Monroe’s unwillingness to support modernization was quickly alienating many voters, especially in the North. Additionally, he was disappointed the more conservative voters in the South.

What Really Happened:

As expected, Monroe won every state in a landslide. However, about 20% of the population voted against Monroe, with New York Governor DeWitt Clinton as the leading default candidate. Clinton had previously been a fusion candidate for an alliance between Federalists and Republicans (sometimes called Democratic-Republicans) favoring internal improvements and a national bank. One elector voted for John Quincy Adams, depriving Monroe of a unanimous victory.

This Election includes the following candidates:

  • ON Republicans:
    • Pres. James Monroe
  • OFF Republicans:
    • Gen. Andrew Jackson
    • Sec. of War John C. Calhoun
    • Sec. of the Treasury William H. Crawford
    • Rep. John Randolph
    • Gen. William Henry Harrison
    • VP Daniel Tompkins
    • Speaker Henry Clay
    • Sec. of State John Quincy Adams
    • Fmr VP Aaron Burr
    • Fmr Pres. James Madison
  • ON Unpledged Federalists
  • ON Unpledged Republicans
  • OFF Federalists:
    • Fmr Rep. Daniel Webster
    • Sen. Rufus King
    • Chief Justice John Marshall
    • Fmr Ch. Justice John Jay
    • Fmr Sec. Alexander Hamilton
    • Sen. Harrison Gray Otis
  • OFF Independent Republican
    • Gov. DeWitt Clinton

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6 thoughts on “President Infinity 1820 Election”

  1. Looks really good! Hopeful starting in the primaries as one federalist candidate with a packed Republivsn primary can allow me to make it close

  2. Suppose candidates simply campaigned to communicate with voters and then the voters have their say in the general election by writing-in who they want for which offices. No petitions, no fees, no quotas, no primary elections. No elimination heats. A write-in ballot is big enough for everyone. The candidates just fill out a post card size form and the election officials count every damn write-in vote and republishes the name of everyone who received a vote. Treat the voters as if they really matter.

  3. VCCzar,
    I’m having trouble unzipping the scenarios your’ve created. It appears I do not have the proper permissions. Do you know why this is, and what is going wrong. Thanks!

  4. Landon,

    Ask the admin in the forum. He might know why. It probably has something to do with the updates.

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