2020 Presidential Election

2020 Presidential Election [VCCzar version]

[This election was updated by the Historical Scenario Commission on Nov 29, 2017. It was updated again on February 4, 2018, and it can be downloaded here: United States – 2020-Feb4th2018


It is July 2019, and President Trump’s approval rating has never been above 40% in the average poll.

Donald Trump’s presidency has proven to be as controversial as his 2016 campaign. While his Midwestern base is exceptionally happy, he has alienated many Republicans, mostly with his unique presidential style, but also with his connection to scandalous figures from the Russian probe and some of his policies. Republicans are mostly against impeaching Trump.

Meanwhile, Democrats struggle between reformist establishment figures and populist progressives leading the party, but they have managed to narrowly retake the Senate and the House. As such, impeachment seems likely as more evidence comes in from the Russia probe.

Both parties continue to struggle with making their voters happy, while maintaining the stability and order that the establishment of both parties think is required for American supremacy.



57 thoughts on “2020 Presidential Election”

  1. We just need Kanye and it would be perfect, one of my favorites, Kasich always beats Trump XD

  2. Ido,

    The latest version of this scenario is in the discussion forums. Just search for the latest 2020 Election post in the General Forum, I think its in there. I’m not uploading an official update until another candidate declares. The latest version has Trump in a much stronger position. In fact, Kasich only wins if other people also challenge Trump. I won’t add Kanye until there is more news about a potential run. I think I added him as a surrogate.

  3. yeah i was stuck on mobile (still stuck tho) and i didnt know about the update policy, just threw a stupid suggestion for fun (cant load the forum since im on 3ds now)

  4. @nyconservative

    This isn’t the latest edition. A much more neutral version can be found in the general forum. I state in there that I wouldn’t release an official update until more people officially declare. The version in the download section was made soon after the 2016 election when it seemed even his own party was going to oppose him.

  5. @VCCzar I hope all is well! I was wondering if you know when the Historical Scenario Commission will be updating the 2020 scenario? Maybe a 2024 scenario soon as well?

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