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  1. Just played as Perot, initally Duke won Tennesse,New Hampshire and Iowa but Bus every primary after that bit like 2016 early primaries don’t real effect results in the long run. Democrats see fine but maybe encourage drop out as Brown won by getting every other candiate to endorse him and gaining a majority of one. Democrats seem to gain an early lead which should be as big as it is in this game. Perot reaches a ceiling too early max vote I had was 13% even though I was getting news power in 100’s and had max campaign HQ’s maybe give Perot a boast. My game crashed a month towards the end so couldn’t finish it

  2. Thanks for the feedback. This game will be updated in a few months. The game crash is probably random, since the game doesn’t crashed when I space bar through it.

  3. @Nck
    I’m not sure why it is doing that, but I’ll have it fixed by the next update. I”m updated all the scenarios in chronological order, currently almost finished with 1804.

  4. I keep getting this error message after I’ve selected my candidate and start the game:

    ” is not a valid integer value.

    This happens no matter which candidate I play as, and no matter whether I’m starting in the primaries or in the general? I’m not having any trouble playing any of the other scenarios.

    Game seems great in theory, I’d just like to be able to play it. Any fixes for this?

  5. @Brandon

    I don’t get this error, so its probably one of two things.
    1. You haven’t updated to the latest version of president infinity
    2. You are playing a president forever version of the game and not the VCCzar edition president infinity version.
    Please let me know if updating your version fixes the problem.

  6. So you were right. I was playing the 2.4.9 version, and not the “sneak peek” 2.5.8 version of President Infinity. Also, I know I’m playing your version of the game because when I select the game scenario I want to play, it says:

    1992 – Beta (VCCzar version)

    So after updating, I had initial success. The game started and played until Feb 11, 1992 (right after the Iowa caucus). Then I received this error message:

    Access violation at address 004D793F in module ‘PI.exe’. Read of address 00000008.

    Just wanted to give you that update.

  7. @brandon
    Thanks for getting back to me. Does this error happen on this date all the time? It might be a one time error.

  8. Before testing it out again, I decided to uninstall PI 2.5.8 and reinstall it. This time, I made it to October 13, 1992 (after spacebarring through the primary and early general election), and received a different error message:

    TGameEngine::ProcessTurns 0 > Code = 40 Access violation at address 004878D8 in module ‘PI.exe’. Write of address 000000A4.

    Thanks for all your attentiveness to this. Game seems great otherwise.

  9. Larry Agran polled evenly with a few other major Democratic contenders such as Jerry Brown and Tom Harkin, and even surpassed Jerry Brown at one point. Despite this, he was not included in the debates among the Democratic candidates. I figure he’d be notable enough to add to the game, though 🙂

  10. Third parties this year were pretty weak, aside from Ross Perot of course. The only one who managed to get over one percent in any state was Bo Gritz, who ran as the Populist candidate. He was unopposed for this nomination, as far as I can tell.

    In case you’re interested in adding them, the Libertarian party seemed to be fought between Andre Marrou and Richard Boddie.

  11. Another potential one – Ross Perot as a Republican, trying to primary President Bush.

  12. Me and 3 other players noticed that the game always crashes on October 13th, day of the VP debate. The Republican convention never fires and sometimes all 4 republicans enter the general of Bush never gets a VP. This has happened in all the games we’ve played through.

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