US 1984 Presidential Election

1984 US Election

This scenario is a greatly updated and expanded version of the 1984 scenario that was begun by Victor. It was created by the Historical Scenario Commission on November 12, 2017 and it can be downloaded here: United States – 1984v2.0

This scenario, while traditionally a landslide victory for Reagan, allows for potentially a more competitive election as several what-if candidates are included, all of whom may have fared better than Mondale.

Further additions include: Governors and senators as endorsers and surrogates, historical events, primary dates set, issues updated, etcetera–a whole sale update to the other 1984 scenario.

6 thoughts on “US 1984 Presidential Election”

  1. This is good. But…

    – the debates are not scheduled.
    – there is a problem with the endorsers. I was playing Gary Hart and could not influence many of the endorsers. I got an error message.
    – I’m going to lose because the costs of my campaign are eating my funds so quickly. I’ve built the infrastructure to beat Reagan and I’m 4% behind in late August ’84. I won’t be able to run any adds and i won’t be able to avoid running out of cash.

  2. @NYRepublican

    I’ll check to see why ND is solidly Blue. Might have been a typo.
    I won’t include bios in these recent scenarios until the “Final” update.


    I’m not sure how all of that is happening, or if you are playing the correct version, or not. I haven’t seen that issue. Regardless, any errors should be fixed in the “final” update.

  3. The Libertarian nomination seems pretty neat this year. Gene Burns was seen as the frontrunner, but eventually withdrew his candidacy. Then it came to be a contest between David Bergland and Earl Ravenal, who actually beat Bergland on a couple of ballots before eventually losing the nomination to him.

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