New Zealand – 1984


Prime Minister Robert Muldoon has met his match in the charismatic and eloquent Labour Party leader David Lange. Bob Jones’ New Zealand Party also threatens to split the right wing vote, making a Labour victory all the more likely. Social Credit still exists as a small political force, however leader Bruce Beetham is hoping to build the party’s influence. With the nation in the midst of economic strife, will Muldoon hang on for a fourth term? Or will Lange bring ‘piggy’ down and return Labour to office? Will Jones’ New Zealand Party establish itself as the voice of the Right? Or will Beetham’s message ‘cut through’ to New Zealanders and gain support for Social Credit? Whatever the case, General Election 1984 promises to be one of the most eventful elections that New Zealand has ever had.

Parties and Leaders

National – Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Muldoon

Labour – Leader of the Opposition Hon. David Lange

New Zealand Party – Mr. Bob Jones

Social Credit – Hon. Bruce Beetham

New Zealand – 1984

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  1. YESSSSS i was working on a 2014 scenario but it couldn’t give you the results without some calculation by yourself

  2. Hi there,

    Sorry, I don’t actually own PMI Canada or UK. I’m currently working on a Chancellor Forever scenario for the current 2017 New Zealand general election. Chancellor Forever is a little dated but it’s the only version which uses the kind of proportional representation electoral system which New Zealand has. I should have that scenario done in a week or two.


  3. Hi there,

    Which seats in particular? I’m pretty keen to make improvements if I can.


  4. Ohariu, for one. That was the seat Bob Jones contested, and he polled effectively double of what the Candidate you’ve put in Ohariu did.

  5. Hello there,

    How’s the progress on New Zealand Election 2017? I’ve been awaiting for it! Thank you! 🙂


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