New York City Mayoral Election Update

new york city mayoral 2017 update 7-8-17

This is an update to this scenario


  • Updated polling for General Election
  • Updated polling for primaries
  • Changed to popular vote
  • Bo Dietl added as independent
  • Preet Bharara added as “off” candidate
  • Rocky De La Fuente added as “on” candidate
  • Nicole Malliotakis added as “on” candidate
  • Added Green Party
  • Akeem Browder added as “on” candidate
  • Changed candidates who withdrew before last start date (May 1) to “off”
  • Fixed primary date
  • Voter turnout dropped to a more realistic¬†number
  • Ulrich endorses Dietl
  • Add Erica Garner as endorser
  • Add Reform Party of New York as endorser

5 thoughts on “New York City Mayoral Election Update”

  1. looks good
    one recommendation malliotakis should be at the top of the republican list as she’s the presumptive nominee

  2. @Trevor It’s in the campaign editor. I’m without my computer so I can’t check to make sure, but I believe it’s on the “regions” menu.

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