2017 UK Election (adjusted polling)

I have done a few modifications to the percentages shift to make the official scenario closer to the real result (starting with only a small majority which the Conservatives can lose if they don’t campaign effectively.)

Changed are Corbyn’s charisma from 2 to 3 given his big rallies and I’ve added three new events.

1. Conservative social care plans unveiled – gives -2 momentum to the Conservatives

2. U-turn on the social care plans, gives -2 momentum to the Conservatives

3. Theresa May refuses to debate after Corbyn announces he will attend, gives -2 momentum to the Conservatives.

2017 – United Kingdom (adjusted polling)

13 thoughts on “2017 UK Election (adjusted polling)”

  1. I’ve re-uploaded the link in case anything corrupted with the first link.


  2. “is not a valid integer value error message” Is the error message I keep getting when I try to launch the campaign when its at the continue button of the last party.

  3. @Astrok

    This has been done by editing the shift in the percentages.xml
    I am also in the process of trying the sort out the integer bug also.


  4. For those who still have the bug, what operating systems are you all using?

    There might be a compatibility issue.


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