United States – 1984

With inflation down, oil prices down and employment up, President Reagan seems unstoppable for a victory in November.



  •  Ronald Reagan
  • Harold Stassen
  • Ben Fernandez
  • Gerald Ford[off]
  • Howard Baker[off]
  • John Connaly[off]
  • Bob Dole[off]
  • John Anderson
  • George Bush
  • Ron Paul


  • Walter Mondale
  • John Glenn
  • Gary Hart
  • Jesse Jackson
  • Geraldine Ferraro[off]
  • Jimmy Carter[off]
  • Ted Kennedy[off]
  • Jerry Brown[off]

National Unity[off]:

  • John Anderson[off]

United States – 1984

OLDUnited States – 1984




4 thoughts on “United States – 1984”

  1. Pretty good and accurate. Harold Stassen is overpowered though, there are no endorsers, and the issues need to be fixed. (Iran Hostage Crisis ended 4 years before this)

  2. Cuomo wouldn’t consider running in 1984,besides he had no real national attention at the time either and would’ve easily been crushed by Reagan.

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