2012 3 new party’s and some other suff.

Hi, This Adds 3 New Party’s Each With There Candidate’s And Edited Primary’s Also.

The New Party’s,

The Gray Party With One Candidate. Gray Man (G)

The NSDP Party With Four Candidate’s. Hitler,Himmler,Goebbls, and Göring.

The Video Game Party Or VGP For Short. Mario,Link,Master Chief, and Bandicoot.

I Have Added New Interviews Which Are CNN,ABC,KTLA,MTV, and ESPN.

I Have Also Put 2 New Endorsers Which Are UCLA And CNN.

I Have Also Added New Start Dates. Primary Start Dates Are Nov. 20th 2011,Dec. 5th 2011, And Jan. 1st 2012. General Election Start Dates Are Sep 7th, 2012 And Sep. 25th 2012.

That’s It Hope You Enjoy And Feedback Is Very Desired

United States – 2012


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