Historical Scenario

Releasing of US Historical scenario all suggestions to comments or forum link

Have two Partys Republicans vs Democrats and Create Ads With Observer because have high influence of elections are very detailed and future add more endorses

Images: http://www.270soft.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/13293-historical-scenario-announcement/

First Update: United States – Historical 2

Old Links:United States – Historical Old


Update :Candidates Added and More Balanced Madison,Harding,McKinley,Taft,Humphrey from VP to Candidate the New VP are Kerr,Nance Garner,Hull,A. Johnson and Buchanan



4 thoughts on “Historical Scenario”

  1. This seems very unbalanced, with Republican candidates normally having level-5 ranking in most areas while Democrats don’t.

    Plus I’ve only seen Democrats win once in observe games, with Republicans normally whooping their asses.

    Pls nerf the GOP.

  2. i will make one adjustings and add more candidates soon my version have alaska,dc,hawaii and more candidates

    i will adjusting to more balanced percentages and observers are very influence in ads

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