2020- President Trump

Donald Trump shocked many with his 2016 Election victory, the 2020 Election looks to be even crazier. Donald Trump started off his presidency off with a bang, he’s built the wall ans we’re back in Iraq. Will Trump run for re-election? Will he win again in a Reaganesque manner, or be humiliated by a Democratic Challenger?


(So I made this before Trump won, I was gonna delete it but omg….)







6 thoughts on “2020- President Trump”

  1. I would of liked one just with copy and pasted polls from this results to in 4 years Democrats are slowly imploding,and to assume Trump is going to be a doomsday scenario is ignorant,I would of just liked a neutral scenario.

  2. Before I released it, It seemed to have normal polling, basically the 2016 battleground map, I’m working on it. Sorry guys

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