Alabama Gubernatorial 2018

NOTE: President Infinity Version 2.4.3 (Windows) or 2.4.4 (Mac) is required to play. screenshot_67

After four years under Governor Robert Bentley (R), now term-limited, rising stars on both sides push to be the nominee.


Update: Version 1.1 of the scenario as been released! The following changes have been made:

New Interviewers (due to being at the state level, I included TV stations:

  1. AL Reporter
  2. Left In Alabama
  3. WHNT 19
  4. WBRC- FOX 6
  5. ABC 30/44
  6. Newsmax

New Endorsers:

  1. Alabama Retail Association
  2. Home Builders Association Of Alabama
  3. Alabama Association Of Realtor
  4. Associated Builders and Contractors Of Alabama
  5. Tea Party Patriots Of North Alabama

Features includes:

  • Over 10 candidates.
  • All counties.
  • Accurate polling.
  • And more

12 thoughts on “Alabama Gubernatorial 2018”

  1. Just wondering, how did you assign seats per county? How did you decide total number of seats and what apportionment method did you use?

  2. Can you help me with downloading as I do not understand step 3 and 5 but I would really like to download this

  3. Hello, @servo75! Thanks for the comment. It has been awhile, but it was suggested to me to assign 1 seat per 1,000 citizens. And I used that method. Now, I have not updated the Democratic primary at this time, and may come at a later date. Hope it helps!

  4. Hello Tom! I need you to be more clear on this. Are you talking about installing the ZIP file? Or the update? Or both? You will need President Infinity Version 2.4.1 for the scenario to be playable. Once you have that up-to-date, then you will need to get the zip file, by clicking on the alabama-governor-2018-official link and download that. Once you have completed those steps, you will need to move the ZIP file to: documents>President Infinity>user_scenarios. Once the files are copied to that location, right-click, and select EXTRACT IF it did not automatically extract.

    You should be able to play the scenario after performing the steps above. If you still have issues, please let me know. Thanks!

  5. Dallas D, i’ve been experienceing some issues with bugs and weird display stuff. I’ve been tweaking it in the editor a bit and can send you that version in a few days for reupload to this site.. Would that work for you?

  6. DallasD, sorry for the late response. I’ve since upgraded to 2.4.1 or whatever and everything seems to work fine. I have tweaked surface stuff (e.g. made local media outlets and endorsers) and gave Barkley (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for including; Barkley for President 2020, etc.) at least a few percentage points everywhere. Other tweaks.

    But at this is only because i’m neurotic. This is a great scenario and i thank you very very much. Some kind of results soon.

  7. Hello everyone! New changes are on the way!


    Barkely’s VP Photos. Changed from “Alabama Libertarian Party” to “Alabama Independent Party”, temporarily.

    New Interviewers (due to being at the state level, I included TV stations:

    AL Reporter
    Left In Alabama
    WHNT 19
    WBRC- FOX 6
    ABC 30/44
    New Endorsers:

    Alabama Retail Association
    Home Builders Association Of Alabama
    Alabama Association Of Realtor
    Associated Builders and Contractors Of Alabama
    Tea Party Patriots Of North Alabama

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