Ultimate Add-On! More Candidates, Issues, and Events!

Updated: 9/10/16

Election Poster

Download link: OfficialMoreCandidatesAndIssues 1.7

With the increased disapproval rating between both leading parties, the Green Party, Libertarian Party and several once unpopular third parties grow in popularity among angered voters. Additionally, some once popular candidates are considering throwing their hats in for this election…

UPDATED EVERY DAY!! (Sometimes multiple times a day)

(Probably Not) Coming Soon…
More parties (a few more more planned)
Adding ALL DNC speakers
Adding ALL RNC speakers
Adding ALL Libertarians on Wikipedia ✓
Adding ALL Greens on Wikipedia
Adding YOU guys! ✓
More candidates (a LOT more planned)
Polls (currently uses region data, which has pros and cons)
More random events (soooo many more)
A couple more issues (more planned)
Updated platforms ✓
Updated candidate pictures

Probably Final Update
Note: My scenario is still in the process of being merged with JohnnyK’s. I’m just updating this so I can download my personal scenario on another computer. If you want to use this one, I guess you can, but I reccomend JohnnyK’s.
Adds Evan McMullin
Adds many more random events
Adds more candidates
Balances gameplay
Poll changes. (More similar to RCP polls now)
Electability (Some candidates give poll boosts when winning nomination. Rand Paul increases Libertarian polling, Mcafee decreases, Kasich greatly increases Republican polling, and Sanders increases Democratic polling greatly. Affects all candidates. Clinton, Taylor, Cruz, Christie, and a few others decrease polling)
Adds a lot of other things that I can’t remember.

Libertarian Update! – Changes 7/30/2016
Adds 13 new Libertarian candidates!
Libertarians poll better
NOTE: This may be the last update for my scenario. JohnnyK and I have been talking about merging our two scenarios.

Mega Update! – Changes 7/29/2016
Adds Progressive Party
Adds America First Party
Adds Pat Buchanan to Reform Party
Adds Ted Cruz to America First Party
Adds Gloria La Riva to Progressive Party
Adds Pat Buchanan to America First Party
Adds Jack Hertz (jvikings1) to Republican Party
Assa Jakob Taylor (Reagan04) to the Republican Party
Adds Christian Ackermann (Conservative Elector) to the Republican Party
Adds Caleb Perry (Caleb’s Paradox) to the Democratic Party
Adds Jonathan Hobratsch (Vcczar) to the Progressive Party
Adds Alan Grayson to Progressive Party
Makes Kasich less likely to drop out (increases Ambition and Ideologue)
Changes Kelso to be a bit less popular

Socialist Update! – Changes 7/28/2016
Adds Sanders to Socialist Party
Makes Socialist more Liberal
Makes Socialist candidates more liberal
New abortion issue logo (Thanks Zach!)
A few other small updates 😛

Independents! – Changes 7/27/2016
These changes now have titles.
Adds me, as an Independent, since I actually filed with the FEC in real life.
Adds Lloyd Kelso, as an independent
Fixes polls.
Fixes some grammar
Updates some issues, and platforms

Changes 7/26/2016
Better polling for Libertarians
8 new events. Some random.
Update Donald Trump self-imploding. Lower chance, but now more destructive to Trump campaign, lowering tons of momentum instead of just a little bit.
Updated General and Primary blurbs.
Updated debates. Less “all candidate debates”
Updates “Weed Day” event to show up on weed day.
Fix grammar issue, calling Ted Cruz, “Zodiac CALLER”
Realistic primary polling
Updated candidates platform’s and attributes.
Bad events lowers Obama’s momentum (if Obama’s running)

Changes 7/25/2016
Adds 1 new issue, Obesity Crisis
Makes Rubio a bit less OP
Adds 8 new events. Some are random.
Major realistic polling changes.

This campaign adds 17 new issues, and more! I took the feedback you guys gave me with the Beta, and made this! It adds tons of new Vice Presidents, Candidates, IssuesEvents, and MORE!!

Additionally this campaign adds TONS of new parties, ranging from a Trump independent bid, the NeverTrump Party, the Socialist Party, to even the ‘Rent is too Damn High’ party, and the Humane Party.

Aside from that, the campaign also adds 50+ new candidates to every single party, with realistic statistics, and ratings.

New Issues (Tired of running out of policy speeches? So am I!)

  • Fracking
  • Hillary’s Emails
  • Enhanced Interrogation
  • Religious Liberty
  • Death Penalty
  • Cannabis
  • Confederate Flag
  • NASA
  • Israel
  • Supreme Court Nomination
  • #BlackLivesMatter
  • Welfare
  • Minimum Wage
  • Political Reform
  • Nuclear Disarmament
  • War on Drugs
  • Internet
  • Obesity Crisis

New Events (*<– Means Random Event)

  • *Donald Trump’s Campaign Self Implodes (Makes Donald lose some momentum if running as a Republican, low chance.)
  • *Rubio Repeats self (Makes Rubio lose some momentum before Iowa, low chance)
  • Rubio Republicans Unite (Makes Rubio gain momentum if Rubio repeats himself during the campaign, moderate chance.)
  • Libertarian Support (Libertarians are shown as better alternative to Democrats and Republicans. Lowers Democrat and Republican momentum, and raises Libertarians. Also raises all third parties momentum a little bit.)
  • Kanye West Presidential Announcement (Kanye West announces candidacy for 2020.) Lowers Democrat momentum slightly. Lol.
  • *Carson Weak on Terrorism (Ben Carson is weak on terrorism, what made Carson drop in the polls IRL) Carson loses a bit of momentum. Moderate chance.
  • *Mass Shooting (Has a 1% chance of happening any day during the year 2016, and not on scripted days to allow game variation. Increases Trump and Republican momentum slightly. Can happen a max of 20 times. 10% chance to shift War on Terror to the right.)
  • *Terrorist Attack (Same event as Mass Shooting, just different name.)
  • *U.N. Global Warming (U.N. takes steps to global warming. Brings attention to environment. Raises Democrat momentum.) Moderate chance.
  • *ISIS Leader Killed (1% chance of happening on any day. Can happen a max of 6 times a year. Boosts Republican momentum, raises War on Terror momentum.)
  • *Massive Drought (Same as U.N. Global warming. Lower chance, different name.)
  • *Illegal Immigrants Flood (1,000 illegal immigrants pour into country. Raises Trump momentum, and has chance to shift immigration center to the right. 1% chance per day.)
  • *Democrat Bloody Money (Democrats receive corrupt money, Democrats get $1,000,000, but lose a little momentum. 1% chance per day.)
  • *Poodle Attacks Obama (Poodle attacks Obama – declared racist. No effect.)
  • *Random Cow In White House (A cow escapes from a farm and breaks into the White House, before getting killed by Secret Service. Added for humor into an otherwise serious game. +1 momentum for the Humane Party, the lowest polling party in the game.)
  • *Stock Market Crash (Stock market crashes due to bad economy. Raises Republican momentum.)
  • Weed Day (Occurs on April 20th. Has chance to shift Cannabis issue center to the left. Raises Democrat momentum.)
  • Trump Appears on WWE (Raises momentum for Trump, occurs July 9th, 2015)
  • Trump Calls McCain Not A War Hero (Lowers Trump momentum, raises McCain momentum, if running in the race July 18th, 2015)
  • Ted Cruz Eats Bacon Off Machine Gun (August 3rd, 2015. Lowers Cruz’s momentum.)
  • Ted Cruz Zodiac Killer (January 26th, 2016. Slightly lowers Cruz’s momentum.)
  • Jeb Bush Makes Crowd Clap (February 3rd, 2016. Slightly lowers Jeb’s momentum.)
  • Pokemon Go Releases (July 6th, 2016. Raises Pokemon Party momentum. Raises issue momentum for Obesity Crisis.)
  • *Dead Body Found With Pokemon Go (Only happens after Pokemon Go Releases.)
  • Obama’s Half Brother Endorses Trump (Lowers Obama’s momentum. Raises Trump’s momentum.)
  • *Troops Deployed To Fight Terrorism (Raises War on Terror momentum. Only occurs if terrorist attack event occurs.)
  • *Hollywood Liberals Smack Talk Republicans (Lowers Republican momentum. Raises Democrat momentum slightly. 1% chance every day.)
  • *Donald Trump Says Offensive Statement! (Lowers Trump momentum. 1% chance every day.)
  • *Gary Johnson Calls Trump a Pu**y (Raises Gary Johnson momentum. Lowers Trump’s momentum. Occurs March 5th.)
  • *Bernie Sanders Called a Socialist (Bernie Sanders gets called Socialist at speech. Lowers Sanders momentum.)
  • *Bernie Sanders Shown Better Than Crooked Hillary (Raises Sanders momentum. Lowers Hillary momentum.)
  • *Hillary Takes Wall Street Donation (Gives Hillary $1,000,000, lowers Hillary momentum, raises Sanders momentum. Chance to shift “corruption” issue to the right.)
  • *New Hillary Clinton Emails Discovered (Lowers Hillary momentum. Chance to shift, “Hillary’s emails” issue to the right.)

NEW PARTIES, and New candidates DOESN’T INCLUDE VP’s

  • Republican (adds Jim Gilmore, John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Jeff Sessions, Allen West, Condoleezza Rice, Rick Scott, George Pataki, and more!)
  • Democrat (adds Lincoln Chafee, Barack Obama, Al Franken, Michelle Obama, Al Gore, and more!)
  • Libertarian (adds Austin Petersen, John McAfee and Michael Sanchez, my personal friend who was the official mayoral candidate for New York in 2013)
  • Green (adds Bill Kreml)
  • Never Trump (adds Mitt Romney, with Glenn Beck VP)
  • Trumpet (Only has Donald Trump. A Donald Trump independent bid.)
  • Federalist (adds James Mattis, Tom Coburn, and Dick Cheney)
  • Reform (adds Kenneth Cross, and Lynn Kahn)
  • Constitution (adds Darrell Castle, Scott Copeland, J.R. Myers, and Don Grundmann)
  • American Independent (adds Wiley Drake, James Hedges, Tom Hoefling, and Alan Spears)
  • Justice Party (adds Rocky Anderson, and Daniel Geery)
  • Peace and Freedom (adds Monica Moorehead, and Gloria La Riva)
  • Socialist Party USA (adds Gloria La Riva, Emidio Soltysik, Jerry White, and Alyson Kennedy)
  • Communist Party USA (adds Peta Lindsay, and Michael Prysner)
  • Modern Whig Party (adds Mike Lebowitz, and T.J. Ohara)
  • Rent Is Too Damn High (adds Jimmy McMillan)
  • Prohibition (adds Jim Hedges)
  • Humane Party (adds Clifton Roberts)
  • Pokemon Party (adds Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Ditto)
  • Hale Independent (adds me!)
  • Kelso Independent (adds Lloyd Kelso)
  • Progressive Party
  • America First Party

Cancelled Parties

  • New Black Panther Party (decided it was too controversial to add in)
  • American Nazi Party (decided it was wayyy to controversial to add in)
  • Guns and Dope Party (couldn’t find any candidates)
  • Beer Drinker’s Party (couldn’t find any candidates, also it was pretty ridiculous)
  • Pirate’s Party (couldn’t find any candidates)
  • American Delta Party (not a legitimate and modern party, IMO)

I hope all of you like it!

Download link: OfficialMoreCandidatesAndIssues 1.7

Older Versions:
OfficialMoreCandidatesAndIssues 1.7
OfficialMoreCandidatesAndIssues 1.6
OfficialMoreCandidatesAndIssues 1.5
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  1. Windows only, at the moment. Any candidates or follow-ups to this that y’all want?

  2. Well. All my hard work is put to waste. Will no longer be updating this. This gets no attention. Can’t compete with JohnnyK’s.

  3. Everyone. Go check out JohnnyK’s. More candidates, and stuff. Pretty good.

  4. @TJ I will not steal another person’s events word for word but I am and will add real life events but it won’t be a direct steal from anybody I don’t do that stuff

  5. JohnnyK, feel free to take mine and put them into yours. I just added random events and such, I give you full permission to take whatever you want from my scenario and put it into yours 😀

  6. Feel free to take parties, candidates, images, events, issues, vp’s, and anything at all from my scenario and put it into yours, JohnnyK.

  7. Just about to start my first campaign, but it looks awesome so far! I especially like updating the issues. May I suggest a 3rd party for Bernie Sanders, or possibly add him to the American Socialist?

  8. TJ,
    To install this on a Mac, click the “Go” menu in Finder and then “Go to Folder”. In the box that comes up, type the following:

    ~/Library/Application Support/President Infinity/user_scenarios

    It will open up a folder. Put the scenario in there.

  9. @Zach, actually when I download the file, a folder doesn’t show up for the scenario, as it usually does for others

  10. @zach
    just the unzipped file, no folder. Usually I get both the unzipped file and the folder

  11. Yeah. It’s a pretty good scenario. u and johnnyk should work on one together. That would be pretty sweet.

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