President McCain 2012 Scenario

United States -President McCain (1.1)

UPDATED 9/7/2016: united-states-president-mccain (1.2)



After John McCain’s 2008 electoral victory, Americans are ready for change. President McCain may run for a second term, or not? Will the Democrats finally take back the White House, or will the Republicans keep it for a fourth straight term?


9/7/2016 UPDATE:

New Rep. Leaders:

House Minority Leader Eric Cantor (off)

New Dem. Leaders:

Fmr. VP Al Gore (off)
Sen. Evan Bayh (on)
Gov. Brian Schweitzer (on)
Gov. Martin O’Malley (on)
Sen. Joe Lieberman (off)
Fmr. Sen. Mike Gravel (off)

New Lib. Leaders:

Rep. Ron Paul (off)

New Ind. Leaders:


New Rep. Vice Leaders:


New Dem. Vice Leaders:

Sen. Jack Reed

Sen. Jon Tester

Sen. Sherrod Brown

Mayor Julian Castro
New Lib. Vice Leaders:


New Ind. Vice Leaders:

Rep. Allen West
Added some endorsers, accurate vote totals, etc…

Added extra events… Assassination Attempt on President McCain.

Added 8/30/2011 starting point (in beta)

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