1940: The Brink of War

The United States watches nervously as Europe and Asia are consumed by warfare. President Franklin Roosevelt finishes his second term. No other president has ever won a third term, but Roosevelt has no obvious successor. Meanwhile, the Republicans, buoyed by gains in the 1938 midterm elections, must decide between nominating an old party hand or a newer, more dynamic candidate. Who will serve as Commander-in-Chief as the crisis grows?

Democratic Candidates:

President Franklin Roosevelt (undecided)—remove Roosevelt for a truly wide-open scenario!

Postmaster General James Farley

Vice-President John Nance Garner

Senator Millard Tydings

Secretary of State Cordell Hull (off)

Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes (off)

Ambassador to the Court of St. James Joseph Kennedy (off)

Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace (off)

Senator Claude Pepper (off)

Solicitor General Robert Jackson (off)

Governor Clyde Hoey (off)

Secretary of Commerce Harry Hopkins (off)

Secretary of Federal Security Paul McNutt (off)

Republican Candidates:

Senator Robert Taft

District Attorney Thomas Dewey

Senator Arthur Vandenberg

Mr. Wendell Willkie

Governor Arthur James

Senator Styles Bridges

Senator Charles McNary

Mr. Frank Gannett

Governor Harlan Bushfield

President Herbert Hoover

Ambassador to Canada Hanford MacNider

Representative Joseph Martin

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 6.09.56 PM

United States – 1940 v2

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  1. For some reason, when I play as the GOP (specifically Hoover) I randomly go from 6 EP to 1 all the time and basically takes ALL my money to get it back to a 3 or 4.

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