South Dakota – Senate 2004


South Dakota – 2004 (Senate)

Hi my friends! 🙂

I’ve created a working South Dakota scenario. After starting it in early February, I was finally able to finish it – thanks to my days off college. 😀

It’s the 2004 election featuring John Thune vs. Tom Daschle. You are free to use it for your own South Dakota elections (Governor, Senate, House,…) – The 2010 House election between Kristi Noem and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin might be interesting. Perhaps I’ll create it later. 🙂


  • Senator Tom Daschle (D)
  • Congressman John Thune (R)
  • Observation Party
  • Working County map
  • Accurate %s of 2004
  • Correct county population

To-do list:

  • Issues
  • Endorsers
  • Potential candidates

Have fun, I look forward to your feedback. 🙂

*Last update: 08/08/2016*

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