Nevada Senate-2016 (Beta)


Nevada Senate 2016 (v 1.0)


This is an incredibly rough Nevada Senate race.  This was mainly me playing around with the new features.  Many things need to be adjusted but the bare bones are there.


I did a couple things I would like feedback on:

  • I tried to compensate for the Electoral Vote aspect by giving each county the number of votes as they have in thousands of people.  So 20,000 population is 20 EV’s.  I also changed them all to PR so (hopefully) it will divide them by vote share and give a realistic result. (Though it appears that this didn’t work…)
  • I made a duplicate of the candidate as the “VP” since Senators don’t have running mates.
  • I have no clue why my endorsers aren’t working…

4 thoughts on “Nevada Senate-2016 (Beta)”

  1. First: Thanks for that! 😀 As I already wrote it is nice to have a new playable state here. 🙂

    You could add a thrid/spectator party. 😀


  2. Could you make a tutorial on how to make a Senate campaign? I was wanting to create one for Indiana. Any help would be appreciated!

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