United States 2002 (West Wing Scenario)

West Wing Fans:

In a move that shocked both his closest advisors and his family, Josiah Bartlet has announced his plans to run for reelection. Hampered by his medical condition and an ongoing Congressional investigation, the public largely distrusts the incumbent. Will Bartlet be able to convince the electorate that he is deserving of four more years after having misled them before?

This scenario models the 2002 election that took place between Robert Ritchie and Jed Bartlet on the television show The West Wing. Featuring authentic candidates, polling, endorsers, and actual events from the show, this scenario strives to parallel everything depicted from the series.

As this is my first published scenario, please inform me of any problems that you may encounter. Feedback is always appreciated.


United States – 2002 West Wing

5 thoughts on “United States 2002 (West Wing Scenario)”

  1. I love the idea. I toyed around with a 1998 WW scenario a while back. I’m definitely giving this a download and a playthrough.

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