USA – 2012 (Cheney sequel with incumbent Gore)


Hi guys,

I’ve prepared the Cheney sequel 2012. Note: it’s still a beta version. Any feedback is desired. Thanks and have fun!

Luki ๐Ÿ™‚

Version 1.2 is out, it contains:

  • New Republican candidates (Mike Huckabee, Paul Ryan, Laura Bush, Bobby Jindal, John Thune,ย Dan Quayle (off), Nikki Haley (off)
  • VP Stewart as potential challenger (or replacement) for President Gore.
  • Karl C. Rove as potential challenger (or replacement) for Cheney.
  • updated %s

United States – 2012 (Post Cheney – President Gore) v. 1.2

*last updated 12/22/2015*

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