USA – 2008 (Cheney)


NEW Update!!! Version 1.6 is out. 🙂

Hi my fellow gamers.

Here’s my new what-if Scenario – Cheney 2008. Cheney succeeded Bush in 2007, after Bush got serious injured in a terrorist attack. Cheney decided to run for reelection as an Independent to unite America behind him on the upcoming challenges in the middle-east. He now faces both Republican and Democratic challengers. Can he win a full term or can the Republicans or Democrats restore the old order? Who will be successful?

Any Feedback, game reports or additional info is welcome. Thanks in advance.

If you have any ideas, tell me and I’ll try to include them.

P.S. Please forgive any grammatical errors as English is just my 2nd language. If you find something incorrect please say it to me and I’ll correct it asap.

Version 1.6 is out! It contains:

  • Off-Cheney as Republican (Of course you should turn off his Unity alter ego 😉 )
  • Gravel, Ruwart, Smith, Kubby, Phillies, Jingozian (all Libertarians)
  • John Roberts and Antonin Scalia as Republican VP Options
  • Jon Stewart and Gretchen Whitmer as Democratict VP Options
  • Jeff Bezos and Mark Cuban as Reform VPs

Have fun, any feedback is welcome.



United States – 2008 – President Cheney (v. 1.6)

*Last update 10/27/2015*

18 thoughts on “USA – 2008 (Cheney)”

  1. Looks awesome! In this security focused election, David Petraeus and Tom Ridge could be other possible unity candidates due to their positions in the administration at the time if Cheney doesn’t run. In this world, the politics of an usurper president could lead to Nancy Pelosi as the leader of House of Representatives opposition to Cheney being a candidate for the Democrats. Howard Dean and Bernie Sanders are other possible Democrats who would run against the foreign policy of the Cheney Administration. For Republicans, Rick Perry and Charlie Crist could also be candidates.

  2. Thank you for all those suggestions.

    @Jacob Unfortunately not yet. I haven’t much time since I’m at University, this was a spontaneous scenario idea, which I made within one sunday morning, but updating the 2016 file is on my to-do list 😉

  3. Also, the Reform Party needs another VP candidate, because Trump’s the only Reform option for VP and that would be unrealistic for him to be his own VP. Lincoln Chafee could also be a Republican option at the time due to his anti-war positions, and Jim Webb could be a what-if for the Democrats, as he was a prominent new Senator at the time and his military career would be a boost in this scenario. Other than that and the other candidate ideas, this scenario looks great!

  4. Thanks for all the replies.
    I plan to update this scenario tomorrow (friday) afternoon.

  5. Hey guys please tell me, if you think it’s too hard to bring Cheney down…

  6. Love the new update! I think the big field for both major parties is realistic, as it’s plausible for any party to win a three way race so many candidates would want to run with the idea that they stand as good a chance of being president as anyone. Of course, I’m sure in this scenario no one predicted the rally around the president effect Cheney would have. As for additional improvements, Paul Wolfowitz could be added as a possible Unity candidate or vp for Cheney, as he was part of the original Cheney/Rumsfeld inner circle in the Iraq War. Mitch Daniels and Rick Santorum could be possible Republican candidates. In the general election, Cheney’s percentages should be lower in New England, New York, and California, traditionally liberal states that would still revile him as President.

  7. Great scenario – but Cheney shouldn’t be winning in /every/ state – it’s too hard to bring him down.

  8. I tried to balance that with the last update, but obviously it wasn’t enough…
    I’ll work on that 😉

  9. You should change Cheney’s position on Same Sex marriage. I mean, he said: Freedom means freedom for everyone 😉

  10. Yeah I know, that’s because of his daughter I think.
    I’ll fix that with the next update 😉

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