2 thoughts on “United States – 2012 (expanded)”

  1. For the Republicans, you could add Fred Karger, Buddy Roemer, Herman Cain, Thaddeus McCotter, Tim Pawlenty, and Gary Johnson. L. John Davis Jr., Michael J. Meehan, Mark Callahan, Christopher Hill, Randy Crow, Keith Drummond, Andy Martin, Stewart Greenleaf, Jimmy McMillan, Tim Pawlenty, Jonathon Sharkey, and Jack Fellure are smaller candidates and could be added if you wanted when you have time.
    For the Democrats you could add John Wolfe, Jr.(he got over 1% and almost won Arkansas), Darcy Richardson, Bob Ely, Randall Terry(he did well in Oklahoma and qualified for 7 delegates which were stripped from him)(He also ran as an independent and could be added as an independent candidate), Keith Russell Judd(he almost won West Virginia), and Jim Rogers(he finished 3rd in Oklahoma and qualified for delegates, but they were stripped from him).(there are other candidates that were only on the New Hampshire ballot that got votes.

  2. Thanks for all the suggestions!
    I’ve added some, where I had photos, you can try it out.
    Have fun! 🙂

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