President Infinity Sentinel’s 2024 Election – Beta

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Short Background: This is a follow up scenario to Sentinel’s 2020 election. In 2020, Vice President Joaquin Castro loses the general election to New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte. President Ayotte’s first term is both surprisingly moderate and controversial. Can she win four more years?

Please note that this scenario is still in beta. There is a lot to do still. That said, please post your election results!

Download Here: United States – 2024 [Zip]

Playable Characters:

Name (On/Off by Default)


Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (On)

Gov. Julian Castro (On)

Sen. Cory Booker (on)

Sen. Cheri Bustos (On)

VP Joaquin Castro (Off)


President Kelly Ayotte (On)

Sen. Ted Cruz (Off)

Former VP. Brian Sandoval (Off)

Scenario Backstory:

2020 Primaries:

In 2020, President Hillary Clinton decided to forgo a run for a second term as President. Amongst a well-contested and divided field, Vice President Joaquin Castro narrowly squeaks out a victory against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York for the Democratic nomination. With rumor of an economic downturn underway, Castro, in a surprise move, selects former Treasury Secretary Jack Lew as his running mate. On the Republican side, New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte pulls away from the rest of the pack and secures the GOP nomination. Ayotte selects former Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada as her running mate.

Businessmen Jeff Bezos and Donald Trump both contemplated independent runs for the White House but ultimately decided against it.

2020 General:

Facing strong headwinds for change and rumors of economic downturn, Ayotte/Sandoval defeats Castro/Lew with 289 to 256 Electoral Votes, and 53% of the popular vote to 46%.

Ayotte Presidency:

President Ayotte has had a rocky start to her Presidency. Vice President Sandoval quickly becomes embroiled in a campaign finance scandal and resigns within the first year of the Ayotte Presidency. In a surprise move picks former Central Intelligence Director George John Tenent. While there is some skepticism about his appointment, he is ultimately confirmed by the Republican Congress.

Ayotte received flak from the right of her party when she vetoed the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. In addition Ayotte would be credited with the passage of law that gave US territories one electoral vote.

By the time the 2022 Midterms come around, Ayotte is being attacked on two fronts – grassroots activism against her Administration’s policies which have barely gotten through the Republican Congress and rumors that she may fall next in the Sandoval Campaign Finance Scandal. Fortunately for the President the latter remains just a rumor, but that doesn’t stop Republicans from losing both the House and Senate.

In mid-2023, United States forces at Guantanamo Bay are attacked after the Cuban government falls after the death of Raoul Castro. Sensing an opportunity, Ayotte sends troops into Cuba without Congressional approval using the War Powers Act. The debate rages in Congress as American forces begin to occupy Cuba.

With the economy doing moderately well, can Ayotte win a second term after a controversial first term?

Download Here: United States – 2024 [Zip]

9 thoughts on “President Infinity Sentinel’s 2024 Election – Beta”

  1. Looks really good, I like the plausible history that goes with these scenarios!

    For possible candidates for the Democrats you could add Jack Lew as he was the VP candidate in 2020, Gavin Newsom as he’d probably still be California governor if elected, Hunter Biden if he’d pursue political office, maybe as Delaware Governor, Terry McAuliffe as former Virginia Governor, Kamala Harris as California Senator, Tammy Duckworth as Illinois Senator, Chelsea Clinton if she’d pursue political office, Bill de Blasio as former NYC mayor, and maybe Howard Shultz.

    For the Republicans you could add Tom Cotton as a possible primary challenger on a hard right platform, perfect for a wartime atmosphere, and maybe some corporate Silicon Valley leader or media personality ex. Mark Zuckerberg or Megyn Kelly?

  2. Possible candidates for the democrats are

    Rahm Emmanuel as fmr. chicago mayor or possible senator from Illinois

    Joseph P. Kennedy III. As a senator from Massachusetts. Its likely he will run forr a senate seat.

    Gov. Brain Schweitzer

    Gov. John Hickenlooper


    Nikki Haley

    Ben Carson

    Will add more suggestions later

  3. @Keith – Thanks! I try to keep it relatively realistic, I think it’s more fun that way and tends to make more sense for players. I’ll take a look at the Democrats you mentioned, a lot are good ideas. I was looking for an alternative to Ted Cruz and I think Tom Cotton will do the trick (next update).

    I don’t see Megyn Kelly going for the Presidency unless there’s a bit more background there (decides to run for office earlier, etc). Zuckerberg isn’t bad, but I like the idea of Howard Schultz whether as a Democrat or independent.

    Will also take a look at the candidates that Bjorn suggested.

  4. Glad I could offer some info on this well thought out scenario. I like Ayotte as what seems to me like another Bush Sr or Jimmy Carter kind of President. As for the Megyn Kelley idea, it was more of an example of some right wing celebrity who could challenge the President. It would be a possibility in a race where a lot of Republicans are dissatisfied with their leader, even if the challenger has little chance of winning. That role could be filled by someone like, in the world of this scenario, Ivanka Trump taking over for her father as a gadfly candidate and wealthy real estate mogul after Donald’s retirement, or some NFL star popular enough to win office or run a corporation, if you wanted to project poltical beliefs on Tom Brady as a possible Republican politician in Massachusetts for example, an idea that he once entertained.

  5. @Keith, I’m a huge Tom Brady fan and have read about his politics. It seems that he would more likely to run for the senate from California as that is where he was born. As for his policies he claims to be an independent, but might lean more towards republican. But nobody knows for sure so I would suggest putting him as an independent. I will try to look even more into his political sidings but so far I haven’t found much.

    @Sentinel, I feel like maybe there should be some newer parties as people seem to be frustrated with the Democrats and Republicans. I”m still looking into more possible candidates.

  6. @Bjorn- You’re right that Tom Brady could be either independent or Republican. He could be added as an off candidate for both options. I also suggested MA as his base because he’s popular enough to win an independent bid over here in my opinion, but I’m not sure he’d be as welcomed in the California political climate. He’s certainly got the charisma to win though, and could have a political career by 2024 if he wanted one, considering he’ll probably be retired by 2020.

    @Sentinel- As well my other suggestions and those of Bjorn, Mike Michaud could be a Democratic option in 2020 or 2024 as possibly the future first openly gay governor from Maine. He’d be older, but his liberal credentials, experience, and background would make him stand out more than the usual old guy in the race, even if that’s his role in the scenario.

  7. Jon Huntsman coil also be a possible ‘off’ Republican and Democratic candidate if he became Secretary of State in an Ayotte administration and differed with her foreign policy from the left, to contrast with Cotton attacking from the right. Huntsman, as a moderate, would also be courted by Democrats looking for a party leader in this scenario.

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