2012 Election-Special Edition


united states – 2012 special edition

In 2008, Barack Obama was elected to the White House convincingly. Just four years later, he is facing a potentially difficult re-election campaign against a strengthened Republican Party. Now, as the Iowa Caucuses are fast approaching, Newt Gingrich has risen from the political dead and has taken the front runner mantle from Mitt Romney. Can Mitt make a comeback? Or will another candidate emerge? Or will the GOP have to draft a new standard bearer to enter the fray?

This scenario, inspired by the detailed accounts in the bestselling book Double Down, gives you everything you need to relive the 2012 race for the White House. Santorum’s surge. Rick Perry’s debating woes. Herman Cain and 9-9-9. Gingrich’s Moon Colony. Romney and the 47% tape. Bill Clinton’s DNC Speech. The debate in Denver. “You didn’t build that.” The 2012 race is on.


1. Over a dozen new campaign events, from Romney’s 47% tape, to Sandra Fluke, Todd Akin, and the Supreme Court ACA ruling, giving the election experience a much more thematic flavor.

2. Conventions are now more important: each night has a series of possible speeches, some that will benefit the nominee, and some that will hurt, but never is the same set of speeches delivered. Will Clinton’s DNC Speech win over undecided voters? Can Rubio give a new face to the GOP with his keynote? Or will Clint Eastwood wander on stage to talk to an empty chair?

3. CPAC-During early February, the GOP candidates muster at CPAC. Similar to the conventions, some candidates will do well and will gain critical support among conservative voters; others run the risk of stumbling, but the results are never going to be the same each time you play.

4. Candidates that dropped out before Iowa have been added back in. Can Herman Cain revive his campaign? What about Tim Pawlenty?

5. During the Spring of 2011, several popular Republicans passed on entering the fray; what if they changed their minds? Could Huckabee, Palin, Jindal, or Barbour emerge from the pack and win the nomination? What about Rudy Giuliani, Scott Brown, or Donald Trump?

6. When Gingrich and Romney were locked in their battle for the nomination, many Republican Party leaders vainly attempted to bring in a draft candidate to unite the party, even well into the primary season. Could Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush or Paul Ryan enter late into the race and still win? Or could they not get on all the ballots in time.

Note: While playing as a draft candidate, begin as undecided to simulate the lack of ballot access, and don’t have multiple draft candidates in the race. For a difficult challenge, stay undecided until February, or even March, when some candidates like Daniels and Bush still contemplated entering the race.

7. More endorsers: New endorsers have been added, like Colin Powell, Sarah Palin, and Grover Norquist. Be able to fund your candidacy for weeks by getting the backing of Sheldon Adleson or the Koch brothers.

8. New Historical Details added-Gingrich and Santorum have been taken off the ballots to Virginia, while the Missouri Caucus has been moved up to its correct electoral date (even if the delegates weren’t officially allocated until March), among other new improvements.


13 thoughts on “2012 Election-Special Edition”

  1. The Missouri Primary was a non-binding primary, so it had no effect on the election. It was pretty much a straw poll with a very low turnout. The caucus was the actual event. So, that should stay in March.

  2. @jvikings1 I know the primary was non-binding, but I do think it better represents the campaign. The advertising and campaigning in Missouri, and the momentum that came from winning it, came from the non-binding primary. The nature of the 2012 Missouri caucuses isn’t really replicated well with the game’s engine, due to their irregularities.

  3. To bad there is no way for the game to have it where there is the primary that is non-binding and then the caucus latter on. I see your point though.

  4. I REALLY want to try this; however, the file is RAR. this is a HUGE issue for me, and others. To extract this file, you have to install a special program, extract the file, then take that program off the computer. Complication for this one scenario; PLEASE change the file type to ZIP COMPRESSED. Thank you 🙂

  5. @Dallas

    I updated the file to a regular zip compressed folder. Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Hey when I download the ZIP file and I extract it and then it is still in a .RAR and I cant play it. How should I be able to play, or can someone tell me how to? Thanks Jacob

  7. @jacob
    I think I got the conversion right this time. Try again. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  8. Republicans are so are out of sink with today. They just vote straight party lines and not for the pelpoe who voted for them. They care about morals before they care about pelpoe. If they think hitting a glass bottle on Tuesday is wrong then they will not allow it even if it saves a child’s life. Then will defend themselves only with rhetoric toward the opposition. For instance (Obama is now a US citizen) (Obama is a terrorist and his dad is in a terrorist camp) (Obama ruined the economy) so on!

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