President Infinity 1920 Election


*This scenario has been greatly updated by the Historical Scenario Commission on September 15, 2017. It can be downloaded here: United States – 1920 v2.0

This historic election deals with the aftermath of World War I, as well as the reaction to the fast-moving Progressive Age. Both parties are, for the most part, less fragmented than they were in the past two elections. Both parties are also becoming more conservative. As such, Robert La Follette launches a 3rd party bid to attract progressives from both parties. The Socialist Party was declining in power, but they still fielded a candidate.

In real life, a dark horse candidate, Warren G. Harding is nominated over a field of Republican all-stars because he is the one candidate that all the delegates can accept. The Democratic ticket includes a young FDR as the VP selection, despite his inexperience. Harding wins in one of the greatest landslides in history, ending two terms of Democratic rule.

This campaign allows for many “What-if” scenarios:

  • General Pershing, the hero of World War I, was asked to run, but he declined. What if he had run?
  • The near-victor of the 1916 election, Judge Charles Evans Hughes was asked to run, but he declined. What if he had run?
  • Theodore Roosevelt was the Republican front-runner in 1919, but he died unexpectedly at the age of 60. What if he had lived?
  • William Jennings Bryan was still the influential leader of the populist wing of the Democratic Party, what if he was nominated for the fourth time?
  • Woodrow Wilson wanted to win a third-term, but his paralytic stroke prevented him from campaigning. Yet, he still hoped to be nominated at a deadlocked convention. What if President Wilson had thrown his hat in the ring despite his stroke (stamina 1)?

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