16 thoughts on “South Carolina’s 1st District – 2013”

  1. Hi, When I downlaod this scenario I don’t get a file, and when I try to put it in my scenarios the game doesn’t recognize it. How do I properly download this scenario

    Thank you

  2. Hi,

    If you click on the link provided, you should be prompted to download the file “South-Carolina-1st-2013.rar”. The .rar file should be extracted in your user scenarios file, which is not in the main game folder, but probably somewhere in your user files (mine is in My Documents/President Forever 2016).

  3. When I download the file i don’t get a folder like i do on all the other scenariops i have downloaded, when i add it to the scenario folder of my game president forever 2016 the game doesn’t have this scenario as an option.

  4. jeo: Very odd. I assume you extracted the .rar-file? You should get a folder. Send me a PM on the 270soft forum with your e-mail address and I’ll e-mail you the scenario.

    Kevin: By editing the .xml files in Notepad++. It’s actually relatively user-friendly, though adding in a new map was obviously a hassle. That’s why I started with a map with only a few subdivisions.

  5. Why is there a Republican debate after the primary? Doesn’t that seem pointless since the winner was already chosen

  6. Other things,

    The general election begins too late, it should begin right after the primaries.

    I know having the EV’s decide who wins the General sucks, one thing I would do is just make every county 0. And while it still will say there’s a tie. it’s more realistic then having your opponent win when you won the popular vote.

  7. Why does it say I’m not running any ads when I am in fact running them? I was running like 5 ads in all the counties and when you click on the county under ads it says 0.

  8. The convention date is supposed to simulate the Republican runoff, but it doesn’t do a spectacular job at it, I admit. What it does is allow a non-Sanford challenger to absorb the support from the others and slip by Sanford if he doesn’t perform strongly.

    I don’t think having all EVs as 0 works, unfortunately.

  9. i can not download this when i click on the link it opens up a norpad and just alot of unidentified codes can anyone help?

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