United States – 1940

President Forever 2008 + Primaries

Author: Michael Witry

United States – 1940

“The Democrats suffered a drubbing in the 1938 midterm elections, but President Roosevelt remains personally popular. As the world descends into war, will Roosevelt seek an unprecedented third term? If not, can the next Democratic nominee hold the New Deal coalition together? And who will emerge from the wide-open Republican field to capture the nomination?”

2 thoughts on “United States – 1940”

  1. once again good job but theirs a hick up on this scenario
    its good but the state of Nebraska turned again Roosevelt on the issue of Farm agriculture Willkie Won Nebraska by 57.1 to
    42.8 percent but you forgot the the important date in May 10 1940. and the attack on Brittan and the lenn lease arms deal
    you needed to just to make the issue of Nazi Germany
    remember if you do the 1944 scenario the unemployment rate was 1.5 percent you needed to put Wendell Willkie in the top list of Rep not Robert Taft he never won the nomination that year but when put willkie as my opponent is mostly i loose the entire game

  2. one thing buddy on this scenario you needed to give Roosevelt some momentum in the 40 campaign just a week before the election he said your voice will not be sent to any foreign war you needed um give some momentum and willkie articulacy won the nomination but you needed to idex the issue of Nazi Germany but still do

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