Canada – 2008

Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2008

Author: GOP Progressive


Despite fixed election legislation, Stephen Harper has called an election over a year early. With the Liberals in disarray, the Bloc Quebecois losing strength, and the NDP and Greens gaining strength at the expense of the Liberals, the conditions seem right for the Conservatives to win a majority. Will Harper preside over the first Conservative majority in a decade and a half?

Note:  This is a modification of the official and “wonk” 2008 scenarios.

6 thoughts on “Canada – 2008”

  1. This is an amazing reworked version of the 2008 scenario. I have great fun playing it. Awesome job GOP Progressive!

  2. Thanks guys. Luke, do send me a PM if you still need help. What I suggest is moving the candidate editor to the PMF Canada 2008 folder- it should work then.

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