United States – 2016

President Forever 2008 + Primaries

Author: Pollwonk


“As the Presidency of Barack Obama draws to a close, America stands sharply divided. With a strong Republican field, the Democrats may be facing a tough campaign ahead. Will they hold on? Or can the GOP take back the White House after eight years on the outside? You decide!”

6 thoughts on “United States – 2016”

  1. if Mitt Romney Becomes the 45th President next year for this 2016 Scenario you’ve should had put Mark Warner as a Front Man in the Start Democratic Index because he looks ready whom which i think he could be president number 46th But putting Rubio and Pelosi they’ll never be president im just saying i think that could happen

  2. no offense meant here, but non of biden, clinton or Pelosi will be running in 2016.

    A re-worked scenario with Warner, Andrew Cuemo annd Bayh as the front-runners on the democrate side would be fun / more realistic at this point, and then complete with a number of second tier / potential candidates who may come through.

    bayh gives you the centre right / blue dog candidate

    cuemo the centre left / populist

    warner the southern candidate

    on the republican side, i think this is okay. Jindal is maybe a little strong / the enevitable candidate. if obama wins in 2012, the republican field will be very open.

  3. im Virginian but i think that Obama presidency is Goner one he cant win on high unemployment so my prediction it will be Romney/Pawlenty 2012 if they win they will be President number 45th but in this scenario should be Romney vs Warner but im but also beleive that Mark Warner should be President 46th in 2017 dont feel alarmed but i sence it

  4. one thing buddy Marco Rubio is a peice of S… he’ll never be a president more like a Dukakis more like it i just hate the guy Right wing bastard that dumbstick will never be president For is going to be Romney Pawlenty in 2013 dont mean to be negative but in 2016 i believe Mark Warner could President 46th around 2017 im going to have to make 2020 scenario

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