Australia – 1996

Note: this scenario is designed for Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2008, not Prime Minister Forever – Australia 2007.

Author: RI Democrat


Australia - 1996
Australia – 1996

“After 13 years of Labor government, the Liberal/National Coalition have gained strong traction on a message of focusing on more basic issues as opposed to Prime Minister Paul Keating’s emphasis on the so-called “Big Picture.” But given Keating’s victory in the supposedly “unwinnable” election of 1993, no one is counting Labor out as the campaign gets under way.”

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  1. Is this working properly? Why does it go to some glitchy US election…says does not support party colour and 92 index are out of bounds. Please help!

  2. Note: you may get the error John describes above if you try to run this scenario in Prime Minister Forever – Australia 2007, instead of the game it’s designed for (Prime Minister Forever – Canada 2008).

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